We are interested in buying your gorgeous vintage!  

If you have some great pieces, we'd love to set up a meeting to see them.  Please note the following GUIDELINES & REQUIREMENTS before you contact us to schedule an appointment.  Please be courteous and make sure you read this whole list and check out our shop and Instagram to understand our style and what we might be interested in.  Please do not come to the store with your items without an appointment.  All submissions should be done digitally and then an appointment can be made for viewing.  After sending us an email or submitting this form (with pictures!), we will get in touch if we think we're a match made in heaven.

- We take women's clothing, accessories, and some jewelry.  Men's accessories like tie clips and cufflinks are welcome as well. 

- Please only bring items that are at least 20+ years old.  Do not bring "vintage style" items that are newer. While we carry items from the 90s, we tend to source those via thrifting, so we are more interested in buying your older, more unique pieces.  

- We love natural fabrics and high quality.  We're obsessed with SILK!  And LEATHER!  We take all kinds, even pesky polyester, but bring us the good stuff, pleaseandthankyou!

- We're crazy allergic to pets and dust.  Please make sure items are clean and free of stuff that will throw us into a anaphylactic fit.  In fact, we prefer items be ready-to-sell.  No projects (even just buttons being replaced) because we have plenty of those already!

- Remember that we have to mark your items up to sell.  Plus, we gotta pay rent and employees and all that stuff.  Please understand that you will not be getting retail pricing for your stuff.  

So, again, please fill out the form below or send us an email to hello at cocoandmischa dot com.  Photos of your items are required.  If you do not hear from us, it may just be that we aren't buying what you have at this time.  While we have some storage, it's not endless!  Thank you for thinking of us!

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Photos are REQUIRED, so please leave a link below where photos are hosted (instagram & etsy accounts are fine) or email them to us separately.
Just an estimate is okay, but please specify if the size you are giving is a vintage size or a modern size.
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