shopping for your shop

After opening my store in 2016, I learned firsthand how rewarding it was to work with handmade makers and stock their goods.  As I traveled the country and visited likeminded stores I noticed some common threads.  I spoke with the owners, and we lamented some of the challenges of shopping handmade versus ordering via a sales rep or distributor.  Handmade just took so much longer from start to finish.  Part of that is because it is usually a one-woman-show where answering emails, updating the linesheets, and making the goods are all the same person.  As I continued to find amazing brands that I wanted to share with customers, I realized there was a gap in how that could be done.  Why couldn't retail buyers shop as easily with the little guys as they could with the big guys?  What if there was a marketplace where approved vendors could shop from a list of curated makers all in one place.  What if professional standards were guaranteed and filtering products for profitability and quick shipping were an option?  What if all that happened with one shopping cart, one minimum, and one transaction?  Sounds pretty alright, huh?  Welcome to the Quaintrelle Society.

the right stuff

We choose the brands within our Society because they meet qualifications that make it easier for retailers to stock their stores.  Here's what we look for

- professionalism

- guaranteed handmade

- production schedule

- updated stockists

up in your business

Owning a shop is a business, not an expensive hobby.  While stocking your store full of things you love is important, it's also important to honor your margins, monitor your inventory schedule, and manage your cash flow.  Here's how we can help with that... 

- filtering products

- making process faster

- providing info that helps your you & your employees know what's so special about what you bought.

- helping facilitate collaborations & offering unique exclusive products

the money

One of the biggest economic benefits we offer retailers is a reduced minimum for purchase.  You are able to buy into these brands without having to commit to $150-500 per brand, which is often a crucial part of cash flow.  Want to know more about how this works into your spreadsheets?

- We charge a 5% fee to retailers to cover our credit card fees and administrative costs.  

- You get more for the money, allowing you to introduce more makers in your store.   

- Your time is money, and we save time.  Faster & easier shopping and check-out with curated brands and one-stop shopping.