Maker's gotta make

It's easy to lose sight of the craft you love while you spend hours marketing on social media, managing finances, shipping orders, updating your website, and participating in festivals.  Wholesale will allow you to grow your business in a sustainable way, but before you become a national brand, you'll have to master catalogs, linesheets, emails, follow-up emails, store scouting, a separate wholesale webstore, and production for even bigger orders to fill.  You're growing (yay!) and you're wondering whether you should hire a sales rep or start courting a distributor, but you don't feel you're quite ready for that step. 

Well, hello there friend.  it's timely to meet your acquaintance.  We're the quaintrelle society.  let's talk about how we can help.


We are your salestributor...

We cultivate relationships and hand-pick our shops and makers carefully.  You're in good company!  We take pride in being a representative of your brand, and we also take the role as a store's source seriously.  We consider ourselves the cute indie boutique that sells online to the cute indie boutique: same warm service, same unique selection, same great experience.  Part sales rep, but more intimate.  Part distributor, but more stylish.  Learn about the artists & makers that we bring into our fold and why you should be one of them! 


We open stores' doors...

We will put your brand in new stores.  Really awesome ones.  We offer unrivaled convenience for boutiques to shop handmade.  No distributor, no sales rep, not Etsy Wholesale, or any other site offers this selection of handmade goods, all under one online roof, with easy minimums, simple payment & invoicing, and searchable features that help retailers.  We also work with makers & shops on collaborations and exclusive merch.  By making it easy for retailers to shop, we make it easy for you to sell.   


no risk. no fear.

For our inaugural, invited members, we are offering a free membership in our society.  You can cancel your membership at any time.  You only pay a percentage based fee, when you sell.  Read more about how our fees are structured and the nuts and bolts of why #itsworthit