This is how we do it...

The Quaintrelle Society is a network.  We link talented, business-oriented makers with modern, handmade boutiques across the country.  We wholesale a very curated selection of goods to shops who specialize in one-of-a-kind finds like ours (or shall we say, like yours!).  We are more than just an online wholesaler, though, we work with our makers to ensure they meet standards that retailers can count on.  We work with seasoned brands on turnaround times and production schedules so retailers have accurate and fair expectations.  We provide guidance for makers new to wholesale to guarantee they deliver professionally.  We expect and deliver the best in handmade because we filter out the part-time crafters and hobbyists who make handmade transactions more cumbersome to shop owners.  When we talked to shop owners about the challenges of stocking handmade, they often quoted long lead times, inaccurate delivery schedules, unanswered emails, and too much back and forth before a transaction was invoiced, shipped and completed.  We work with artists on a customized contract that minimizing these issues to ensure a handmade marketplace that runs like a well-oiled machine that retailers can trust.


What we ask for from you 

There isn't a one-size fits all model for wholesale, so we come up with an agreement that works for you, and is allowed to change, as long as we are given adequate notice.  Here's what we ask of our vendors:

  • A guaranteed turnaround time on orders.  This means if your product is listed with a 2-week lead time, it will be shipped in 2-weeks, no matter your work load.  You can always change how your product is listed, but once a product is sold with a timeframe, that timeframe must be honored.
  • A direct line to you.  We should be able to email you during the work week and get a timely response, and in the event of rare emergencies, we should have a cell phone number on file.
  • Consistency of product.  The product & packaging should match photos & descriptions on our website.  If something changes, we must be on the front-end of that decision so retailers are notified or product listings are updated.
  • Detailed product info.  We try to ask all the questions that might come up about your product so that we can provide retailers with everything they need to buy, display, and sell.  Do you use soy-based ink on your prints?  Are your earring post nickel-free?  Are the fragrances in your lotion synthetic? We have a thorough process for listing items, and we need your help!