Contract for Borrowing Product from C+M

A note about borrowing merchandise from Coco + Mischa...

We LOVE working with local photographers, influencers, stylists and models!  We are flattered that folks want to come and play dress up in our closet, and we can easily see how arrangements like these can be mutually beneficial for creatives and the shop.

We created this contract to protect us, not to make money or nickel and dime the hard work of people like you.  The following contract is meant as a protection for worst case scenarios, but we want to assure you that we fully hope to refund your deposit, avoid fees, and work together again soon! 

We’re no stranger to surprises and changes in plan.  Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any concerns at all. The submission of this form serves as your approval of the statements herein, unless otherwise noted.

Name *
If the deposit is waived, please be prepared to have a photo of your driver's license or ID taken when you pick up items.
We are happy to help with styling at a variety of levels. If you need someone to just guide you to products in the store, we're happy to do that during the course of business. However, if you need on-site styling and help with clothing and accessories beyond what the store has in stock, please let us know! Happy to help in any manner!
Feel free to leave us any details about the shoot including links to mood boards, model sizing, etc.
The Fine Print *
The fine print/terms of use. This information will be emailed to you for your reference when you submit this form. Thanks for partnering with C+M! We’re excited to collaborate! In order to move forward, you'll need to agree to the terms below: In borrowing merchandise from Coco & Mischa, I assume responsibility for the care of the merchandise. I understand that I may be charged the full retail sale value of the borrowed merchandise to replace or repair it if it is damaged or lost in my possession. I understand that many of the items that I may be borrowing are one-of-a-kind and/or vintage, meaning their value may be determined on market forces and not raw material. By assuming full responsibility, I alone, agree to compensate for loss and damages, despite the understanding that others in my company may be handling the merchandise. I understand that the deposit I am being charged may not cover the full value of the items I am borrowing, and therefore I may be charged an additional amount to cover those costs. If my deposit was waived, I will cover all costs out of pocket. I understand that examining the clothing before I leave the shop is the best way of relinquishing responsibility for any damages that may be present already. I understand that if I return products after the slated return date, I may lose my deposit or forfeit the ability to borrow again in the future. If I’m going to return products late, I will contact C+M before their expected return. In addition, any late returns may be charged fees based on C+M's missed opportunities to sell. I agree to send photographs from the shoot within 30 days of the shoot date. Any errors on this form that may affect the ability for Coco + Mischa to exercise the will of this agreement are considered the applicant’s responsibility to catch and correct.