Why retailers love us...

Retailers love us because we are like them!  We have an awesome shop full of great makers, and we give great service.  Our service & selection are the hallmarks of what we offer, and they are what set us apart from sites like Etsy Wholesale.  While we are big fans of Etsy Wholesale and have used them many times ourselves, we feel there are holes in the market that we fill.

First of all, we work hard to find makers that meet the aesthetic of our store and the stores we sell to.  While that can feel nebulous, we strive to bring on unique brands that we feel are blazing the trail.  With "handmade" becoming a trend that big boxes constantly knock-off, it's up to us to continue to push for what's next.  We look to establish that.  If a retailer is looking to bring in some new ceramics, we have a handful of artists that we think all bring something special to the table.  We try not to overlap too much, protecting each brand's identity and integrity, and we also try not to go too deep so that the shop buyer doesn't spend hours scrolling for something that fits their look.

Beyond selection, we offer a service that makes shopping easier.  Our products are filterable by subcategories that help retailers run their business better.  They can find out what products are available to ship immediately.  They can see what products offer healthier margins.  We have a special category of customizable collaboration pieces that allow shops to bring in something completely unique.  We keep updated lists of stockists so they know if a neighbor is carrying a brand.  We provide pictures of packaging and suggestions for display.  We offer lower minimums that can be met via multiple different brands, and items are all purchased via a single transaction.  

What's not to love about all that?


without the quaintrelle society, here is what a standard wholesale transaction might look like:

Day 1: Retailer contacts a maker about selling their goods

Day 2: Maker responds to email & wants to learn more about the store to make sure they are a good fit.

Day 3: Maker & Retailer decide to do business and catalogs & linesheets are sent.

Day 6: Retailer places order.

Day 7: Maker accepts order.  

Day 8-22: Maker prepares order for shipment.

Day 23: Order is ready and maker sends invoice.

Day 24: Retailer pays invoice.

Day 25: Maker ships order.

Day 30: Order arrives.