Please complete the form below. This form is only to be completed once you have dropped off the clothing for evaluation. If you submit it in advance, please note that on the form below. If you do not drop off your clothes within 48 hours, your submission will be deleted and you will be asked to submit again.

Please note that drop-offs are accepted Sunday through Thursday. Friday & Saturday drop-offs are only accepted if prior arrangements are made. Thank you!

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If you left your clothing on hangers, in a garment bag, or in a shopping bag, please describe it here (so we can identify your drop-off) and make note if you would like any of that returned to you.
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We use this form to track what's in our possession. We need to know if you have dropped off your clothing, or if you are about to drop off your clothing. We know plans change, so if you fill this out, and we do NOT receive your drop off within 48 hours, we will delete this form and you will be required to submit it again.
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The fine print/terms of use. This information will be emailed to you for your reference when you submit this form. We do everything in our power to return any un-purchased clothing in the exact same condition it is received. We also pledge to recognize any mistakes we make that may affect the resale value and pay you for any damages we are known to have caused or repair them at our expense. We care for all the garments in our possession, but when you leave your clothing with us, you recognize that items may have small damages like snags, spots, holes, etc. that may have been there when you left them with us. If you are concerned about possible discrepancies, we ask that you please make time to review the garments with us before leaving them in our care. This requires notifying us in advance, and may require an appointment. We have VERY limited storage area. Once you are notified of our offer, we ask that you accept or decline within 3 business days, and pick up any items you wish to keep within 1 week. If you are unable to pick up, we ask that you please contact us and communicate your needs. Any failure to communicate with us and arrange pick up and payment beyond that one week may be considered a donation. Any errors on this form that may affect the ability for Coco + Mischa to exercise the will of this agreement are considered the applicant’s responsibility to catch and correct. By submitting this form, you agree to all of the terms above.