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The idea of #ShopWithHeart is to highlight local artists, businesses, and makers.  But one of the best ways you can keep up with those folks day to day is to follow locals on Instagram.  They spread free art, reflect our culture, introduce us to small businesses, and feature the city's creativity.  These are some of our favorites, but please feel free to comment with yours. If you're looking for gift ideas within this post, please note that many of the artists below accept commissions, you could hunt down a #FAFATL or just scroll their feeds for local inspiration.

Lynne Paints The Ladies

Eat Here ATL

Common Creative ATL

Free Art Friday ATL (FAFATL) Also search the hashtag #FAFATL

Cat Lanta

Bazaar Bohemian

Raw Atlanta

Black Cat Tips

ATL Bucket List

Barry Draws


Dear Bear Wolf


 Lindy Lane ARtworks

Cool Atlanta

Sweet Peach