Show me the money...

A standard distributor will take 25-30% of the wholesale order.  So that means if a retailer places an order for $1,000, the distributor gets $250-300.  A sales rep usually takes a smaller commission of approximately 10-15%, meaning in that same scenario, they would get $100-150.  So what do we ask?  We ask for 15% from you, and then we ask to mark up your wholesale by 5% for retailers to pay a portion of our commission for the services we offer them.  So if an item were to sell for $100 from you directly, we would sell it for $105.  And if we get an order from a retailer for $1,000, our cut is $150 from the maker.  

For artists, there are currently no additional fees for membership.  No credit card fees.  No website listing fees.  You only pay us once you sell, meaning there is no risk.  Some services ask for up to $100 per month to help you wholesale, with no guarantee on your return on investment.  In order for you to pay us that much, you would need to sell almost $700 per month (or almost $8,000 per year) in goods through us.   You can leave at any time, and you'll still have the contacts you make with new stores.