Below are the most common questions that buyers might have.  Please be sure to email us at if you encounter a question not answered below.  See below for Seller FAQ.


Do I need a Business or Premier Account on Paypal? Yes you do! Fortunately, it is free to create either option. We recommend that you use Premier so that you do not have to make-up a business for yourself. 

Can I bundle? Unfortunately we do not have bundling capabilities through this marketplace. We apologize for the inconvenience! We hope to be able to add that feature soon.  You are welcome to reach out to sellers to see about combined shipping for purchases through the same seller, however, they will have to manually modify the shipping rates for you.

Are there shopping cart, wishlist or favorite item capabilities? At this time we do not have these particular functions. Instead, you can do one of two things! You can click on the star icon next to the listing that moves that item to the top of the search homepage so you can easily view your favorites! Or, you can follow the seller to keep up to date with your favorite profiles. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Can I make an offer on an item? At this moment, the site is unable to feature a "make offer" button. However, you are able to negotiate pricing via comments and messaging to the seller about the pricing! If the seller would like to accept the offer, they can edit the price for you to purchase.  

Are my payments secure? Payments are secure with both PayPal and Stripe (our credit card processor). Depending on how you chose to pay, there are separate guidelines to make sure your are supported as the buyer! With PayPal check out THIS page for how the flow of the transaction works. If you used Stripe, check out THIS page to see how the flow of the transaction works. 

What if the seller does not ship my item?  Uh-oh! You will need to file a dispute! Learn more about it HERE

Are Coco + Mischa and Slow Salvation the same company?  Coco + Mischa is a brick and mortar in Atlanta, Georgia started by sisters & slow fashion/artisanal jewelry/vintage enthusiasts, Melissa Gallagher and Christy LeClair. They found that there was no home for searchable used slow-fashion pieces that were still high quality and valuable that needed a new home. Thus, Slow Salvation came to fruition! The owners of Coco + Mischa also owns Slow Salvation in an effort to excite and bring awareness to the slow fashion community in an approachable way! 

What if I need a refund?  If something goes wrong, users can cancel a transaction by clicking the dispute button to ask for a refund.  Refunds are handled differently depending on how the item was paid for... see below.

PayPal Transactions: The seller can issue a full refund to the buyer from their PayPal account. This means they need to log in at, find the correct transaction and click full or partial refund depending on the case. If the marketplace charges a commission fee, that is transferred from the seller to the admin right after a successful purchase. It means that if the whole transaction needs to be canceled and refunded, the admins of Slow Salvation also needs to refund the commission part to the seller.  Please be sure to contact the admins at with the subject line REFUND.

Credit Card Transactions: The administrators will need to be contacted to reverse credit card transactions.  Please contact them with REFUND in the subject line of an email to  Be sure to include user & transaction information.

I'm having trouble opening my conversations via my personal email.  What's the deal? Sometimes, Safari does not like to load our emails. It is better to try out Google Chrome if you're having issues opening your email notifications. Otherwise, you can always log into the site and check your conversations by clicking your profile photo in the top right corner of any page, and then choosing Inbox to see any messages.



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Below are the most common questions that sellers might have.  Please be sure to email us at if you encounter a question not answered below.  See above for Buyer FAQ.


I'm a seller and wondering what the benefits are to linking PayPal and my bank account.  What's the difference and why would I choose one or the other or both?  So this one is a bit tricky. We recommend that you link your bank account and PayPal. See below for how each works.

BANK ACCOUNTS: Linking your bank account allows you to accept all major credit cards through the site's Stripe credit card processing system.  When paid this way, your funds are deposited directly into your bank account, albeit with a slight delay (keep reading!).  This is the safest way for customers to shop because the system accepts their payment and holds it for 5 days or until they have received their merchandise shipping confirmation.  They buyer has the most protection this way, and so there will be some shoppers who feel safest purchasing online in this manner.  Refunds are handled through site administrators.

PAYPAL: Linking your PayPal account allows you to accept PayPal as a form of payment.  You are paid immediately, and you control refunds (with the exception of the site commission fee which is still handled through site administrators) .  While this is a great way to shop, some buyers do not have PayPal accounts and will be unable to shop with you unless your bank account is connected.

BOTH: Accepting both opens your sales up to a wider audience.  Both options only take a few minutes to set up, so it's worth it!

Do I need to include my location on my listings? You do not need to use location settings! It is a default setting within the host site, and we are working to remove it altogether.  It does not affect the outcome of your sales in any way, shape or form.